Live Your List

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Live Your List

How to travel the world, make a difference, pursue your purpose, and ride an elephant at the same time.

As a teen he survived a car crash and had to relearn how to walk. As a college student he convinced Miss America to dance with him in front of thousands. A few years later he was detained and kicked out of Cuba. He has hung out with koalas in Australia, elephants in Africa, and llamas in Peru. He started a million dollar business, won a game show, and married the prettiest woman in the world.

Ryan Eller has become something of a bucket list legend, and his friends consider him the world’s best-kept secret. Those same friends have long insisted he write a book about his journeys, and he finally did! Live Your List is one part adventure and another part leadership. It infuses the life lessons Ryan has learned throughout the years into the framework of his Live Your List lifestyle.

This book will challenge you to take personal responsibility for your life, set goals, live intentionally, take advantage of your opportunities, and most importantly - give back to make a difference in this world.

Light and colorful, unique and profound, the lessons drawn from Ryan’s life and Live Your List mentality just might inspire you to change the world too.