Dirty Santa: The Official Christmas Party Game

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The game is a deck of cards to used in conjunction with a classic Dirty Santa, (Yankee Swap, White Elephant) gift swapping game. The great news is instead of getting just 1 turn, all players get to participate multiple times.

Check out a video explanation here: Dirty Santa Video Explanation

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Have you ever been the last to go in Dirty Santa, so all the gifts are "dead" or gone?

Have you ever been stuck with a bad gift the entire game?

Have you ever had the great "2 steal or 3 steals" debate?

We have, so here is the answer!

A quick overview of the rules:

1. All gifts are placed under the tree (or in a big pile).

2. All players will receive 3 cards from the shuffled deck. 

There are about 9 unique cards, for example:

Tree Raider allows you to unwrap a gift.

Dancing Reindeer allows you to swap a gift for an unopened gift.

Dirty Santa allows you to steal any gift. 

Sneaky Elf steals a turn. 

 Ninja cards swap gifts with other players. 

3. A player with a Tree Raider card starts. They play the card, and choose a gift. 

4. After the first Tree Raider is played, play moves clockwise. The next player can play any card she would like from her hand. Players continue in a clockwise fashion around the room until all cards are played. Good Luck!

No more drawing numbers. No more frustration. Just fun!

Deck includes 80 total cards. 

It is an actual card game, so everyone gets multiple turns. Your guests will love it! Everyone still brings a gift, but now you play with this incredible card game, not just by drawing numbers.