About Paradigm Shift

Our goal is to empower leaders.

Our mission at Paradigm Shift is to encourage and empower leaders to reach their full potential through dynamic, hands-on keynotes, workshops, and group development initiatives.

Paradigm Shift is a collaboration of facilitators from across the United States specifically trained to lead powerful events for educational groups, non-profits, corporations…basically any group willing to commit to intentional and substantial leadership development.

Our company was created in 2008 by Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr, two facilitators with the goal of creating fresh and engaging opportunities for leaders to grow and learn. The first Paradigm Shift events were held for student leaders in rural Oklahoma, and over the past few years our collection of consultants have facilitated leadership workshops or keynotes in over 30 US States, in almost 10 countries, and on three different continents.

We now have dozens of facilitators, speakers, and leadership trainers working to empower others to achieve their goals. Simply put, our goal is to provide leadership development and training to leaders who are striving to reach new heights.

Change your paradigm, change your world.

Paradigm Shift’s scope of work has included keynotes to thousands of participants, intensive workshops with leadership groups, and even one-on-one executive coaching. We have facilitated initiatives with groups of hundreds of students and led train-the trainer events with professional corporate trainers. We host all-encompassing leadership camps, international leadership summits, and provide online training for facilitators of any group.

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